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November 17, 2008

For those wishing to learn about mycology and mushroom cultivation, there are a few key resources used by experts and beginners alike to provide a solid knowledge base and point of reference. One of the most comprehensive mushroom growing resources available is The Mushroom Cultivator’ by Paul Stamets and J.S. Chilton.

The Mushroom Cultivator’ is a comprehensive and educational text on cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms available at This book is an in depth text covering many of the technical aspects of mushroom cultivation in easy to understand terms. By outlining specific growth parameters for a variety of edible, medicinal and exotic mushroom species this text educates the reader on many crucial aspects of mushroom cultivation. The text discusses methods of propagation and mushroom cultivation, and includes a full section on mushroom contaminants including instructions on how to combat and prevent them. ‘The Mushroom Cultivator’ is an ideal text for beginning mycologist and experts alike and will rapidly increase your mushroom growing understanding and expertise.

Mycology is a fascinating world to discover and growing mushrooms is an enjoyable educational experience.  With the right tools and resources you can facilitate in depth learning experiences and enjoy the success and satisfaction of growing beautiful mushrooms.

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Inoculating a MYG Mushroom Kit Grain Jar with a Sporepod Spore Syringe
November 16, 2008
Check out this video on how to inoculate a MYG Mushroom Kit Grain Jar from with a Premium Spore Syringe from

November 6, 2008

Making your own high quality mushroom spawn can be easy if you have the right mycology supplies, carefully sterilized grain jars, and pure, uncontaminated isolated mushroom spores or tissue cultures. You also need to have a CLEAN working environment and incubating chamber.

Making healthy, good quality mushroom spawn that is free of contaminants is THE key to successful mushroom growing, whether you are growing mushrooms at home with a mushroom kit or growing commercially. Healthy, robust mushroom mycelium yields healthy, strong mushrooms; the healthier your mycelium, the bigger and better your results.

So how do you grow healthy mycelium and make high quality mushroom spawn?
The first thing you need is really good quality, purely isolated mushroom spores or mushroom tissue cultures. A great way to obtain these spores or cultures is as a mushroom spore syringe or tissue culture syringe. You must be careful to obtain your specimens from a professional spore lab to reduce the chances that you receive a contaminated syringe or a syringe of poor quality, infected spores or cultures.

Once you have a great syringe full of fresh, viable mushroom spores or cultures of your favorite mushroom strain, you need to have a supply of sterilized mushroom growing medium. Sterilized grain jars are the perfect growing medium for many types of edible, medicinal and exotic mushrooms, including: oyster mushrooms, Portobello mushrooms, medicinal Agaricus mushrooms, and more. Unless you have advanced mycology equipment and some experience, it is best to purchase professionally prepared, pre-sterilized grain jars for your spawn inoculation and mushroom growing projects.

When you have your spore or culture syringe and your sterilized grain jars, you are ready to start the inoculation process!

Here is the basic method:

A. Inoculation – seeding the grain jar with spores or culture
B. Colonization – growing the mushroom mycelium in the grain.

After inoculation, when your grain jars are grown through and fully colonized with healthy, white, fuzzy mushroom mycelium they will be ready to spawn your mushroom growing substrates. Once your mushroom substrate is spawned you are ready to fruit and enjoy some home grown organic mushrooms!

In conclusion, the foundation of great mushroom growing and robust results is healthy, strong mushroom mycelium. With good quality spores or cultures you should have success at growing healthy mycelium and making quality mushroom spawn with the spore syringe or tissue culture inoculation methods.

Enjoy your mushrooms!